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Wellness to Give & Receive

Last minute wellness gifts to give and receive…

We are down to the wire with Christmas just a few days away. Perhaps you’re still struggling with what to buy a friend or family member who has made a commitment to being healthier. Or, maybe you’re wanting to jumpstart your wellness BEFORE the New Year.

Either way, there are 5 great last-minute gifts you can throw together or order online that will help you or your BFF get focused on getting healthy!

  1. The Yogi Pack. Put together a tote bag with a yoga mat, yoga block, water bottle and towel with a gift card for a free yoga class at a local studio. I’ve found that TJMaxx and Marshalls have great fitness related gear at awesome prices.

  2. Gift an App. Find a great app (or 2 or 3) that will help your friend or family track their goals, monitor their food and fitness, or guide them in stress relief or meditation. It’s easy to gift it through the iTunes App (see graphic below).

gift an app
  1. Online Class Pass. This may be out of the price range for your neighborhood gift exchange or office swap but it’s the perfect gift for you and your family if getting fit and not dealing with a gym is on your list for 2018. Grab a yearly membership to All Access Beachbody On-Demand and receive literally hundreds of streaming workouts available any time, anywhere!

  2. Socking Stuffers. Yes, you read that correctly – socking, not stocking – stuffers. Socks are a key piece of equipment for any avid exerciser. Properly fitting socks that don’t slip down under your heal or bunch up in your shoe while providing support, cushion and comfort. My favorites are Feetures, but here are some other suggestions

  3. Give the gift of Attention & Accountability. Offer to be a workout buddy or an accountability partner to someone you know is trying to make a positive change. Send them an email telling them you too want to get healthier and that you’d love to join them on the journey. You have no idea how helpful it is to have someone with you along the way when you’re trying to make a change for the better. Change is tough. Having a friend who won’t judge and who is a great encourager, is worth more than any material item you could buy!

Enjoy this time with family and friends and count your blessings for all that you have with your health and wellness. I’m thrilled that you’re part of my journey and hope you’ll continue with me into 2018!


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