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Making Time for Sweat

I get it.  I’ve been there.  Seven years ago, when I went back to work full time, in an office, at a job that required travel, I literally had no time.  My children were 10 and 16, and leading very busy lives.  I always liked to exercise and it was easy enough to fit in when I was working on my own as a freelance writer.  Re-entering the full time workforce was tough and I probably had 10 pounds to lose.  Over the first few months, I gained some more and pretty soon, I felt tired and sluggish and uncomfortable in my clothing.  I saw a picture of myself at a school fundraiser in a dress I thought made me look thinner and I


Me – 2010

cringed.  It made me look anything BUT thin.  That was the trigger. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle, even if it was a scheduling challenge. Note – this isn’t about being skinny.  It’s about being comfortable in your own skin.  I was not.

I remembered how I felt when I worked out. I loved that feeling.  I knew it would help with my energy levels and overall well being.  Finding the time was the issue. With work, travel, kid activities/school, and doing the things needed to maintain a house and life, I probably had 30 minutes a day. But I figured that was enough and I made the commitment. In about 6-9 months, I lost almost 30 lbs. I dedicated space to working out in my home.  I scouted out hotel gyms before checking in. I scheduled it and protected that time. Today, I’ve maintained that weight loss, and it has led me to embrace other healthful-living habits like eating “cleaner” and furthering my education in nutrition and exercise.

Own it.  Don’t make excuses or rationalize.  Once you accept that you haven’t made yourself a priority, you can start to change your habits. So, now when friends or colleagues ask how I manage to fit in exercise and better eating habits, I share my journey and my strategies.  I’m no expert.  I only know what’s worked for me and those who have taken a page from my playbook on living a little healthier.   Read on for a few of my favorite tips for getting back on track with exercise.  If I can do it, so can you.  And, if you can’t, contact me.  I will help you find the time to take care of you.

Commit to it. On whatever level you can.  Dedicate 15 minutes a day to your health for one week.  Spend that time setting yourself up for success.  Schedule workouts on your calendar for next week. Clear a space in your home for working out.  Research the right shoes or attire for the kind of workout you want to do.  (Note: if you don’t know what you want to do, start with walking. No equipment needed, except a good pair of shoes.)

Schedule it. For real.  Everyone has a calendar on their phone.  Schedule it when it works for you.  I like early mornings before work but there are times I’ve taken a lunch time class and it’s on my calendar like a meeting.

Don’t over think it.  Any heart-pumping movement is good for you.  Walk. Run. Dance in your kitchen.  Trying to go from the couch to a spin class can be overwhelming and discouraging.  Just get up and move. You will figure out what you like so you can push yourself harder.

Give it 5 Minutes. When you feel like doing ANYTHING BUT working out, give it 5 minutes.  If you still aren’t feeling it, stop.  I’m willing to bet, though, that you won’t stop once those feel-good endorphins kick in.

So that’s my story…it’s worked for almost 7 years and I continue to use these strategies and others to stay healthy and


Me – 2014

fit.  Am I perfect? Um…hell no.  But I am healthier than I’ve ever been, have more energy and feel good about what I see in the mirror.  That’s enough for me.

Bonus tip…Wake up; lace up. This is a personal one…but I find it works.  Wake up and get dressed in your workout clothes.  You’re a gazillion times more likely to get your sweat on if you look the part.  No joke.  I feel guilty if I don’t.

Need help getting started?  Message me.  I will share with you my strategies and help keep you accountable.


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