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In a sea of "extra" diet and fitness fads, I'm here to be BASIC

I like a latte, shopping at Target and brunch with my girlfriends. Call me basic if you will but it's the simple things in life that bring me joy.

I also apply this similar thinking to my wellness. Keep it simple and stick to the basics. In a world that glorifies fad diets and quick fixes, my clients will tell you that I'm a basic gal who encourages eating all the food groups, moving your body in ways that make you happy and get your heart pumping and prioritizing the fundamentals like sleep, self-care, hydration and setting personal and professional boundaries. Because these are the things that support a healthy lifestyle.

So when I'm asked (and I'm asked often) what my advice is for losing weight or getting in shape, it's always - get the basics down and listen to your body.

That means...

  1. Move because it's good for your inside as well as your outside. Your internal organs, bones, muscles and brain love when you move. And, it doesn't have to be punishing cardio or exhausting strength training. Walking is one of the BEST movements you can do, especially outdoors. When you breathe fresh air, connect with nature, and take in your surroundings, it does wonders for your physical and mental health.

  2. Eat what you love. Yep. I'm not a "food is only meant for fuel" kind of coach. I'm the coach that will tell you all foods fit. Fast food burger? Sure. Ice cream after dinner? You bet. I'm part Italian - food is life. It's celebrations and mourning. It's holidays and friendships. So, eat what you love because there's a place for it in every diet.

  3. Squash stress. Stress is a killer and it can wreak havoc on everything from your metabolism to your sleep to your personal relationships. Figuring out what the triggers are and how to manage them is time well-spent for your overall well-being.

  4. Drink up! We are all walking around dehydrated and cranky! Get yourself a gorgeous insulated water bottle and hydrate yourself. Half your body weight in ounces is a good start. And, it doesn't have to be boring plain tap water. Add fruit, veggies, herbs, spices. Your heart, kidneys, liver, skin, brain, etc. will thank you. Check out my quick video on how to get more water into your day!

  5. Get more sleep. Another silent health hazard is lack of sleep. Some people brag about how little sleep they "need" but don't listen to them. Your body and mind NEED sleep. 7-9 hours per night. Create a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom that promotes sound, uninterrupted sleep.

So, are you disappointed I didn't share any exciting new diet and exercise trend that promises to help you lose 20 pounds in a week?? Sorry, I told you I'm kind of basic.

Check out my YouTube channel for more short and informative wellness videos.

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