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I’m here to light a fire…

I sensed you needed a little nudge today. A little push. A little fire lit under your ass. To get moving toward making some healthy changes in your life.

While I know you want to wait until vacation is over or when the kids go back to school but there will always be something that stands in your way and makes getting healthy a giant pain in the rear end (didn’t want to use ass twice…oops did it anyway).

So I’m here to get that fire going and stoke the flames a bit to help you make the change you’ve been putting off.

Maybe you’ve tried this a hundred times and each time you’ve failed and you feel crappy and revert back to what’s comfortable and safe. Boo hoo. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and try again. That’s right. A little tough love too. I’ve failed at many things related to my health and fitness journey and I just keep getting back out there and trying.

If you are feeling completely frustrated because it seems that nothing is working or you are at a plateau, I want you to do this exercise (no sweat will be shed).

1. Take 5 minutes and write down everything you WISH you were or WISH you had as it relates to your health. There are no bad or wrong answers. And, no one has to see this list so be as ambitious as you want. Maybe you wish for a smaller butt or better abs, or maybe just for a good night’s sleep. It’s not selfish to wish for these things.

2. Then, write down what’s standing in your way. Brainstorm all the “valid” reasons/excuses you can think of that keep you from achieving these things. If you are super organized, you can create a table and for every wish you can write down a corresponding barrier across from it. Or just freestyle it. 3. Then, cross off the wishes that cannot be achieved because of something that is out of your control. You wish you could play competitive tennis but have a back injury that would prevent that – at least for right now. You wish you could attend a noon spin class but your work schedule isn’t flexible. Then, look at what is left and pick 1-3 things you can focus on – eating healthier, losing weight, reducing stress.

4. Spend an HOUR making a plan for one of them. Table the others for future goals. Let’s say you wish you could plan and prepare healthier dinners. Spend ONE HOUR researching healthy and easy dinner recipes and pick 3 to try. Don’t spend a full day on this. Limit the time, pick 3 and buy the ingredients. Done. Often, we find ourselves spending hours and hours trying to find the perfect workout, recipe, etc. and then give up because we’re frustrated. Don’t get caught in that trap. Set a timer and stick to it. Progress not perfection.

Do this once a month or once a week if you need to refocus. Need help? Ask someone you trust who has done what you are hoping to achieve. You are not required to do this alone. And, if you need more support, join an online group that helps you get info and support. Like mine! Or, jump into one of my group coaching experiences – Back to Basics or KetoFast. Both start August 6. More info is below but you can get started by filling out my group program application here:

Whatever you decide to do, stop thinking about it and start doing it. Every day that goes by and you avoid taking care of yourself, you’re missing out on life, energy, happiness.

That’s no way to live – so let’s change it! Let’s start crossing off some of those wishes on your list!




Back to Basics This meal plan is a balanced nutrition approach. All food groups. Real food. Whole food. Clean food. Lower in carbs but not restrictive. This is for you if you’ve not focused on your nutrition in a while and need to get back on track but you aren’t ready for a more aggressive or specialized weight loss program. You can expect to lose up to 10 lbs. in a month with this program, if done right with the right coaching! It includes a 28-Day complete meal plan developed and approved by a registered dietitian. It comes with all the recipes, grocery lists, food swaps, etc. you need to implement the program. Plus…a success guide to ensure your success, a private Facebook group with other like-minded women who have similar goals. AND – most importantly – it comes with me! A certified health coach and personal trainer who will guide you day by day, week by week through this program and provide specific coaching and support.

Reserve your spot here: Back to Basics KetoFast Round #4! This is my most popular program because the results can be incredible. KetoFast combines clean Keto nutrition (low carb, high fat and moderate protein) and Intermittent Fasting (eating within a restricted window of time – typically 8 hours). The two approaches together force your body to burn more fat because there are fewer carbohydrates for fuel and you have put your body in a fasted state. It includes a 21-Day complete meal plan developed and approved by a registered dietitian plus a transition week where I teach you how to do Keto on your own! It comes with all the recipes, grocery lists, food swaps, etc. you need to implement the program. Plus…a success guide, a private Facebook group. AND – most importantly – it comes with me! A certified health coach and personal trainer who will guide you. 

Reserve your spot here: KetoFast

questions? Email me at

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