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Girl, I feel you. Now Do Something About It.

Living that Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Lifestyle?

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Look, I get it. Your life is demanding. You are f*cking Wonder Woman.

Everyone needs something from you. Your boss needs another 5 minutes of your time at 4:45 p.m. on a Friday. Those damn kids are texting you needing rides to whatever social events they’ve got going on this weekend. You S.O. (in my case, a wing-eating, beer-loving, sports-watching guy) wants Chinese takeout for dinner. And, amidst all of this, you’re thinking, “I just want to get home and take off these damn pants that are cutting into my side and sit on the couch with a bottle of wine.”

I. Feel. You. Been there many times in my 20+ years as a working parent/spouse.

Yet, I’m still telling you find time to get healthy and lose that weight. Yep. I have the audacity to suggest that you stop filling your time and your mind with bullshit excuses and get your ass in shape.

Why You Still Feel Like Crap

In my work as a health coach I hear a lot of reasons why people can’t start a fitness or nutrition program. It sounds mostly like this “blah, blah, blah.” Ok…just kidding. There are lots of valid reasons. Commitments that are important and real. But in the same breath I also hear a lot of complaints about extra weight, feeling out of shape and general lack of confidence. Hmmm. See the correlation here? No time for taking care of yourself = feeling crappy.

So what’s a gal to do?

A. Buy bigger pants and a bigger bottle of wine to drown your feelings of self-loathing

B. Tell everyone to buzz off and find another (wife/mother/employee) who can get all this shit done.

C. Take action.

Act Now, B*tches!

So, all you have to do is pick C.  Take some decisive action. While living a life in sweatpants on the couch watching Netflix with a box of wine and a wheel of brie the size of a snow tire sounds amazing (please take me there NOW), it’s not who you are at your core. You are a successful, ambitious, dynamic woman who has a kick-ass career and a great family – you are better than brie and wine stained sweatpants.

Start small with 30 minutes of walking 3 days a week. Or, committing to making three dinners at home per week. Deciding is the most difficult step of this journey. I promise you. Deciding to take action is more difficult than any exercise program or nutrition plan. Because it requires you to be honest with yourself that what you’re doing right now is not working. It requires you to say you need help. Something that we type-A, high-achieving women don’t like to admit. Once you raise your hand and decide to get healthier, lose weight and take control of your wellness, everything else is just a process.

P.S. — Deciding to decide later is not a decision. Deciding to start next week, next year, next millennium is not really deciding either.

While this time of year seems like the absolute WORST time to start a diet or fitness program, it’s actually the best. In fact, any day of the year is the perfect time to make your health a priority. Waiting for a Monday, a new month, a new year, or whatever day seems feasible in your mind is a bullshit excuse and a way for you to avoid what you know is difficult…change. Your rationalization of waiting until after the holidays is basically you saying to the world – “I don’t matter, your needs can come before mine. My health can wait.”


So, I invite you today, a Monday (see, it’s the perfect day) to TAKE ACTION. Raise your hand (like my spirit animal Amy Poehler) and proclaim that today is the last day you’ll put yourself and your health at the bottom of the to-do list.

DO it. Now!

Woo hoo! Congrats. Now, put your hand down and let’s talk.

Taking action for a professional woman with a demanding schedule means finding the right resources, support and information to get healthy and lose weight in the most efficient way. Ain’t nobody got time for long, drawn out plans and programs. You want (and deserve) fast results. What if you had a plan that in 6 weeks would have you down 10-15 pounds before the New Year ball drops? A plan that includes 6-weeks of meal plans and workouts, 6-weeks of daily access to and accountability and support from me, 6-weeks of having it all laid out at your fingertips through an app-based program and online portal.

Yeah…sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, it’s available and ready for you NOW. Just fill in the form below and I’ll send you the details. Your action today could mean a completely new you by the new year. And, I’ll even let you have a little bit of brie and wine along the way!

Let’s go, girl. Time is a wastin’!

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