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Birthday Month Musings

Welcome to my birthday month! Yep, I celebrate all month long because, you know what? I’m happy to be here on this earth turning another year older. Consider the alternative to not having a birthday and I think you’ll agree – birthdays are always a reason to celebrate.

What better time to also share a little more about me and my health and wellness journey with you? Not because I want to talk about me. Rather, I am hoping my story and my “not so healthy” moments along the way, resonate with you and help you find the motivation or inspiration needed to take control of your wellness.

My story isn’t shocking or wrought with tragedy but there were struggles and setbacks; challenges and sadness; body image issues and lots of disappointments.

But from those things came lots of triumphs and success – which is what I look forward to sharing with you.

As a professional woman in her late 40s, I feel I have enough life experience to share some things that may help others as they struggle with health, wellness, weight, self-worth, etc. I’ve been in the shoes of those I seek to help. I’ve juggled family, career, and wellness. Sometimes I dropped a ball ...well, many times, really.

For this birthday, I’m giving myself the gift of being vulnerable and real with the hope that it will allow someone else to see their potential regardless of life’s ups and downs. I love my life and this second act career but, I still struggle. With the same things I help my clients overcome – body image issues, imposter syndrome, self-worth worries, etc.

I hope you’ll follow along and that you’ll learn something new about health and wellness, or at least find one of my stories amusing.

It’s not easy for me to let my guard down. From an early age, I was taught by my father to always be on the defense and it’s okay to step on toes and ruffle feathers to get ahead. To “suck it up” and be tough and that winning and being right is most important. Thankfully, I’ve taken that advice with a grain of salt and have learned and grown to know it’s ok to ask for help, to be vulnerable and to fail.

So, in addition to my other information and content that I regularly share with you, I’m also going to share the good, the bad and the lessons learned in my health and wellness journey. From my first real workouts (on a manual NordicTrack ski machine in a college gym) to health struggles, to toxic workplaces to personal and professional identity crises. Standby for some drama!

Along the way, if something hits a nerve or resonates with you, reach out. I’m here to help you through the things I’ve already experienced. And, I’m always interested in hearing others’ stories. That’s how we get better and healthier – together.

I’m excited to share and to celebrate my birthday with you beautiful people.

Welcome to May and all the hope and possibilities this month brings!

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