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Niki Campbell, Dietetic Technician, CPT, CHC
For more than 20 years, Niki Campbell has provided communications leadership, strategy and consulting to global brands in the food, wellness and healthcare industries. 
As a nutrition professional, personal trainer and health coach, she now provides that same level of leadership, strategy and consulting to individuals and companies seeking to become healthier. 
Her decades of expertise as a skilled communicator and presenter combined with her passion and education in nutrition and wellness make her a unique and sought-after speaker and media resource. 
She can speak on a number of topics relevant to the general public including:
  • Setting Goals

  • Building Healthy Habits

  • Creating Confidence from the Inside Out 

  • Fitting in Fitness 

  • Using Food and Fitness to Beat Stress 

  • Supercharging your Sleep Habits 

  • Meal Planning & Prep 

  • Eating Healthy on the Go 

  • Food Facts: Making Sense of Nutrition Labels

  • Deciphering Diets

She has been interviewed for and featured in media outlets such as:
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